Sensual Mistress

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NOTE : BE ADVICED for Strap-on services you must be properly cleansed, if I find any poo in my toys I will definitely stop playing .

Sexy Sensual Mistress

As a Sensual Mistress I know about control – ownership – discipline – love – passion – lust – bondage – sex – obedience – trust – abandon – pain – pleasure – punishment – respect and cherishing.

Dominance and submission is all about the exchange of power between a Dominant (top) and a passive – submissive player also known as bottom, who both take great pleasure from dominating and being dominated.

I practice sensual sex dominance which focuses on delighting all of the senses in which pleasure and comfort zone is the main objective rather than the infliction of pain or humiliation. From soft to mild and even hard – extreme domination – always if the slave allows me to take the game further and push his boundaries.

Most of the tools used for sensual mistress sessions can be found in any vanilla sex shop, such as blindfolds, leather and rubber restraints, ropes and scarves, sex toys and vibrators and aromatic massage oils.

Sensual Mistress experience may include role play, light bondage, cross dressing, tease and denial play, sensation play, foot and body worship, insertable sex toys, whispering to your ears, erotic naked Goddess touching, rubbing, caring with sensual pleasure and learning how your body reacts to different stimulants.

Sensual Mistress

My Erotic and Sensual Mistress sessions are perfect for those looking to begin on a sensual erotic kinky journey based on Bondage & Discipline – Sado & Masochism as well as bringing techniques of domination into the bedroom scene.

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  • BDSM + Escort service : 1 hour £350
  • BDSM + Escort service : 2 hours £600