London Mistress

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London Mistress Luna

To be a successful London Mistress you must establish 4 cornerstones with your submissive partner slave :  Discipline, Domestication, Denial and Domination and you must have 4 actual D&S tools or implements Padlock, Paddle, Panties and Phallus.

As men only response to Discipline and the paddle, an only worship a London Mistress who understand their fantasies and weakness, a weekly session of discipline must be essential to build a strong bond of intimacy. Slaves must be spanked like it or not to understand who is in charge and remind him of his place and to keep him focused.

The Domestication and the panties, as part of his weekly training slaves must do all the housework, and get assigned chores and be forced to wear Mistress panties, whether he is a cross-dresser or not to remind his submissive status.

Denial and the Padlock, the best ever denial tool available for a London Mistress’s disposal is a chastity device in order to keep the slave sexually denied, as aroused men are more docile and motivated, and satisfied men tend to be more lazy. This gives full control of a man lives and as nature is, men loves being under of a woman’s sexual power.

Real Domination and the phallus (or strap-on) in the new stage of female domination is very important to pay attention to men’s desires and fears, which mainly is their own sexual organ, the penis ! As men adores their penises to much and fears about other cocks all their life, the most effective London Mistress’s tools is an strap-on. The use of such a creative tool will ensure your slave that you are in charge and he must be on your feet !